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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps people find products, services and general information on search engines like Google and Bing.

In Australia, there are millions of people searching on Google for products and services just like yours. Before they make that purchase, however, they usually want to research information about your products and services to help them make an informed buying decision.

Google's publicly stated mission is "to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".

So, to me, an SEO specialist is someone who understands HOW a business can make their information about their products and services on their website more accessible and useful for their prospective customers.

Choosing an SEO specialist to work with your business can be a challenging process. There are literally thousands of marketing agencies and individuals who proclaim to be 'SEO experts'. The problem for you is working out how to tell the good from the bad.

If you make the wrong choice about an SEO expert, the outcome for your business will be:

  • wasted money.
  • lost revenue opportunity.
  • future website penalties from Google.

How do you choose the right SEO consultant?

Here is a list of danger signals to be aware of:

  • promises of top keyword rankings within specific time frames.
  • guarantees of any type particularly returns on investment (ROI) and .
  • cheap offers.

An SEO consultant should be an important part of your business just like any other employee. It's important then to make sure you team up with someone who understands your business or who is prepared to learn about your business. Your business will not benefit from SEO without the SEO specialist understanding your business model as well as your products and services.

Why you need SEO to succeed online

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of getting a website to the top of the list in a search engine. Or as close to it as possible. When a potential client is looking for a service, they don’t always know the name of your company. So rather than searching for you directly, they will type a search phrase into Google. Your SEO is working when your website is one of the first listings to appear on the results page. This is also called organic search, meaning you don’t pay to appear at the top of the pile.

Once upon a time this was achieved in one way only - through SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is the perfect formula of taking key search terms that may be used to find your business and littering your website with them. Which results in stifled, salesman sounding content on your site.

Nowadays, other factors also help determine where your website sits in the search engine results list. While SEO copywriting is still very important, the number of links pointing to your website from others and the number of times your website is shared through social media channels matter even more. The more people talking about your site online, the more authority you will get, meaning the higher your site will appear in the results list.

5 Steps to an Effective SEO Strategy

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How SEO works to grow your business


Keyword Research

90% of an SEO campaigns success is built on in-depth keyword research. In order to know how your customers reach you, we need to research how they behave online. What terms do they actually type into the search engine to find a service provider like yours. What phrases might they use. What channels do they use to search for the answer to their query.

Planning Your Campaign

The single most important part of online marketing is the time spent planning your strategic SEO roadmap. A product or service that people really want to visit online; one they want to tell their friends about and share across social networks, requires more than a couple of neatly placed keywords. Beyond understanding how your customers find you online, we need to dig deeper to uncover what sets you apart from your competitors. As we map your SEO strategy, we'll be working against a quarterly SEO plan to outline key focus areas and monthly SEO activities.

On-Page SEO

How well you rank in the search engines is largely attributed to on-page factors. Once we have the information we need about who your customers are, how they search online, and what exactly they’re looking for, we're now equipped to meet their needs. In conjunction with you, we create compelling, engaging, useful content for your website. This content is optimised for search engines, meaning it includes many of the key phrases your customers use to search for your service. But you'll find no keyword jargon here; we write concise and compelling content that your customers want to read.

Linking to Other Industry Sites

Once your content is produced, it's time to get your content linked to other sites, blogs and articles to increase your online rankings in Google. Our SEO team will start your link-building campaign by strategically working to establish positive PR for your business. We'll do the research on your industry and hit the ground running; building and managing relationships with key industry influencers who we want to talk about your business. The more back-links you have, the more credible you become to Google, and your prospective customers, as an influential player in your industry.

Ongoing Reporting and Analytics

While quality analysis of your campaign does take time, doing so can significantly increase your returns. Our team will analyse traffic patterns from the campaign to understand what's working and where there's room for improvement. Rather than just assessing whether you're at the top of Google's page one; we'll look at your total traffic statistics to gain a stronger picture of where your business sits in the online space. With a commitment to sending you detailed monthly reports, there's complete transparency about the work we're doing, and how it's growing your business for the long-term.