What can we usually find on your desk?

You can usually find chocolate, a cup of green tea, or some sweets that I frequently crave on. But that’s no match at all for the sweet tooth that works to my left.

What is your favourite way to refresh in the office stretch?

Every so often I like to take my eyes off the screen, flip my chair around to my co worker, Serge, and have a friendly chat to breakup the day. Once in a while I’ll joke with him about something Russian or Latvian - that always sparks some light-hearted banter.

PC or Mac?

Mac, big time. I’m a huge fan of aesthetics and simplicity and so I find I can never go wrong with anything Apple-related. I value consistency across all my devices and enjoy the single ecosystem Apple provides. I’m a real fanatic on this - one device can't be Apple and the other Samsung - if it's Apple, it's Apple all the way!

What do you like most about working at Konnect?

Above all, I really value the open environment at Konnect; I’m free to voice my thoughts and speak my mind whenever I feel. No one in the team is obstructed from voicing their ideas so long as we’re all working towards the same goals of the business. Everyone is supported to take their career to the next level, and in terms of career growth there’s pretty much endless opportunity. So wherever it is that I see myself in future, Konnect is right behind me providing a necessary boost.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working in web development?

I’d be delving deep into this magnificent universe we live in as a scientist, spending my days exploring this beautiful planet. Or perhaps as a pilot, gliding through the skies and enjoying the blissful silence of the earth’s landscape.