What do you like most about working at Konnect?

I get real satisfaction from helping business owners to increase their revenue from online marketing. Most business owners, managers and executives we work with have little to no understanding about any of the digital strategies we use and where they should spend their marketing dollars. I enjoy working with our clients to understand their business and to show them how we can drive more traffic to their business.

What do you do when you're not at work?

I love spending those warm summer days down at the beach with my two daughters. Second to that, whenever I can find the time I’ll be out on a golf course playing a round of golf with my mates.

What’s the worst mistake brands make with their online marketing?

Their website - it’s just as important as their store front, yet too often, little consideration is given to how it's going to serve their potential customers.

Most websites I see don’t provide prospective customers with the information they're searching for in a way that’s easy to find. And it makes the potential opportunity that’s there to do business too difficult. Customers are becoming increasingly savvy with the way they research, find, and inevitably decide on the products and services they choose to purchase. The sooner businesses understand that and allocate funds and resources to their website accordingly, the more profitable they’ll be.

What can we usually find on your desk?

Amidst the obvious things, you’ll find artwork that my daughters have created at school. If i’m being honest, it's the only place it's worth displaying - but don't tell them that.

If you could interview anyone who would it be?

I’d have to narrow that down to my interests in sport, politics and business. If I could interview any sportsperson, it’d have to be Ussain Bolt. The guy is a genuine freak - but it’s his overly charismatic and likeable character that I’m drawn to. If I could interview any politician, it would have to be Vladimir Putin. He is portrayed as being a bit of a lunatic but he is not your typical politician, so he would be interesting to meet and get insight into. From a business point of view, I'd be really interested to interview Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. What he has created with Amazon blows my mind and in many ways has inspired my own business endeavours.